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My Husband’s Vacation Has Thrown A Wrench In My Blogging. January 2, 2009

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Keith has been on vacation from work for almost two weeks now, and in that time I have only blogged about two times.  Normally I always have the same work schedule because of having to drop off and pick up The Bean from daycare.  Since Keith has been off, and he is able to take Ellie, or keep her home if he wants, I have been able to work a completely different schedule than I normally do.  By doing this I have proved to myself that I am a creature of habit, and when my routine is changed I don’t remember to do things that I would normally do everyday.  Luckily Keith goes back to work on Friday, and we all go back to our routines, and hopefully back to blogging.  Till then…


Shameless Starbucks Plug. November 3, 2008

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Hey all.  After you get done casting your vote tomorrow, come on by the king of coffee Starbucks, and get yourself a free tall (that’s 12oz.) coffee.  If you are real sweet you might be able to talk the barista into giving you an iced coffee, if it’s hot, or a cup of tea, if you don’t like coffee for free instead.  No proof of voting is necessary, so don’t worry if you throw away your “I Voted” sticker.  All you have to do is tell them that you voted and that’s it.   And hey, if you hit the right Starbucks, you might even see me.  I also had to post this little commercial which ran during SNL and I was lucky enough to see.  I think it’s adorable.


I Was Blown Away! October 31, 2008

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Last night I got back from my leadership conference in New Orleans, and all I can say is that it was AMAZING!  Everything was so well organized, and all of the workshops and events that we went to looked awesome.  There were 10,000 of us from Starbucks in attendance, and we booked nearly ever hotel room in the city.  Some of the highlights were, eating lunch on the field of the New Orleans Superdome, having streets shut down for a Starbucks partner only street fair, painting canvases to be hung in local schools, hanging out on Bourbon Street, getting to see the store of the future and things that are in the works to make my job easier, and having Bono speak at our last meeting about Starbucks partnering with RED.  The whole experience was awesome!  It would have been even more awesome, IF I HAD REMEMBERED TO BRING MY CAMERA!!!  Luckily I have a bunch of picture happy fellow managers who will be making me discs of the pictures they took.  Depending how long it takes for me to get the pictures I may or may not try to post some of the highlights.  Now that I’m home it’s back to business as usual, which tonight means getting Ellie ready for Halloween.  It’s good to be home.


New Orleans, Here I Come! October 26, 2008

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In 8 hours I will be boarding a plane for New Orleans to go to the Starbucks Leadership Conference.  I will be one of 10,000 store managers and support staff in attendance.  This means that Keith is going to be both mom and dad for the next five days.  I would post more about the details of the adventure I am about to go on, but I have to get up and get ready to go to the airport in about five hours, and I haven’t packed a single thing yet.  Plus on top of that, I am already starting to get that sick feeling in my stomach that I get when I haven’t gotten enough sleep.  One of my friends referred to it once as “slumber party tummy”, and I totally agree with her.


Over As Quickly As It Began. September 22, 2008

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So my stint at managing two stores at once is over.  I was expecting to be doubling my workload for at least a couple of weeks, but last Monday on the first day of my double duty my district manager came in and told me that he had found a manager for the “orphan” store.  This meant that I only really had to manage two stores for one week.  I was actually happy and sad at the same time.  The other store needed a lot of organization, and I really wished that I could have cleaned things up a little before I left.  Oh well, that just means that the new lucky manager has a lot more to take care of.


Hello Potentially Stressful Situation, My Name Is Liana. September 14, 2008

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I haven’t done a lot of blogging lately, if you haven’t already noticed. It’s not because nothing has been going on, it’s just that the thought of sitting in front of the computer has not sounded very exciting.  Last week I had my yearly review with my boss, and at one point in my review he told me that he didn’t think that I had yet reached my full potential.  Don’t they always say that?  He said that he thought I was capable of bringing my store to a whole new level.  I told him that there where definitely times, like now, when I feel like I am on auto-pilot at work and I am a little bored because the job feels easy now.  I also told him later after the review that if he needed me to help out in any way with another store in our district that just lost their manager to let me know.  The next day I got a phone call from my boss asking me for a favor.  He says “How do you feel about double store management?”  Basically he wants me to run both my store and this other store until they find a replacement manager.  Lesson to be learned here, Be careful what you volunteer for.  On top of that, I find out that the employees at the other store are super unhappy about their old manager leaving and may greet me at the door on Monday with flaming swords.  Pray that I live through these next few weeks without ripping my hair out, or going completely gray.


Ouch – Ellie Style. September 2, 2008

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Today was a little crazy. I got up at 5:30 am, and for some reason Ellie-bean thought it would be a great idea to get up then to. She had breakfast, I got her ready for school, and off to daycare we went. As soon as I got there I hear “Excuse me”. I look around and see one of the teachers behind the playground fence talking to me. She then says, “Daycare is closed today”. I than think to myself, WHAT THE HECK!!! How could I not know about this? They say that daycare starts again on Wednesday. So there I was, my child totally excited to spend the day with her favorite teacher after being off for over a week, I am supposed to be at work in 25 minutes, and I don’t know what to do with my child. Thank God for Auntie Beth. I called her twice before she picked up, and I said “I have an emergency…daycare is closed!” Without hesitation she says, “bring her over”. I think that I got her still half asleep which is why she was so willing to watch my child for 8+ hours. Everything ended up working out just fine, and Ellie had a great time. After work I went over to Beth’s house to hang out and Ellie said she wanted a snack. I got her some pretzels and set her up on a chair with a TV tray. I had my back turned to her thinking she would be fine when all of a sudden I hear a giant BOOM. I turned around and Ellie was sprawled out on the floor and the tray was knocked over as well. She started screaming, and screamed louder and longer than I have ever heard her scream in my life. I thought for sure something was seriously wrong. Beth felt all over her to see if she had broken any bones but couldn’t find anything. Then a few seconds later while Ellie is still screaming Beth brushed her hair aside and there it was…a ginormous knot on her forehead. As the night went on the swelling went down and the color went from normal flesh tone, to purple. It’ll be a great look for her REAL first day of daycare.