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The Things You Learn About The Person You’re Married To. March 22, 2010

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Last night after an awesome day with our friends, and a great movie night with The Bean, Keith and I were in bed doing what a lot of couples I know do, which is fooling around…on our computers.  Some how we ended up on the topic of Amy Grant, and Keith said that he used to like her. In fact, I think he might have even said that she was cute.  Whatever.  I said that in her videos, the ones that pissed off Christians everywhere, you know, this one, and this one where in both she can be seen canoodling with a man who is not her husband, that she could pass for Elaine from Seinfeld (back there when I typed “this one” twice, that was supposed to link you to the YouTube videos of “Baby Baby” and “Good For Me”, but thanks to embedding disablement, you will just have to look them up yourself.  I would recommend it, by the way, as they are quite a visual slice of the 90’s).  Then Keith came across this video, which I must say is probably one of the scariest things that the 80’s left behind.  The pants and jacket say it all, and boy are there a lot of white people in that audience.  Oh sweet, contemporary Christian music.  Your beginnings are so sad.


4 Responses to “The Things You Learn About The Person You’re Married To.”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I heart Amy Grant. No matter how horrible she dressed or how corny some of her songs were or how she cheated on her husband. 🙂 Thanks for more videos of her!

  2. kevininc Says:

    i totally remember my parents playing her tapes in the van on the many 4 hour long trips to see the Grandparents. Oh the memories!

  3. I think Michael W. Smith wore that same outfit on his “Go West Young Man” tour.

  4. Lyndsay Says:

    Umm… I’m pretty sure I was at that concert, beacause Amy Grant rocks my socks off!
    P.S. Her boots are freakin’ AMAZING!
    Thank you so much for the video, I am so happy right now.

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