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Because I’m Too Tired To Be Witty March 18, 2010

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To most of you this video is old news, but personally I don’t think that you can put a time line on funny, which is why I have decided to post it here on my blog.  Keith played this for some guys at our house on Sunday, and I don’t think that either of them laughed once.  When it was over all they really talked about was which guys didn’t deserve to be in it.  I don’t now if that was a round about way of saying that they should be in the club instead of these celebrities or not.  Either way, here you go.  And I somehow want to figure out how to get Keith to let me name our next child Handsome Hawk.


One Response to “Because I’m Too Tired To Be Witty”

  1. First, Welcome Back.
    Second, Handsome Hawk you say…

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