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My Contribution To Late Night Breast Feeding Mothers Everywhere. March 17, 2010

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My husband informed me a few days ago that I had been called out by a friend of ours for not keeping up my blog.  This friend of ours would probably not even realize that I wasn’t blogging if it weren’t for the fact that she is a new mother, and spends a lot of late nights with her boobs hanging out looking for something entertaining to keep her from falling asleep on the adorable creature suckling below.  In my defense, I must say that I have a very good reason for not blogging, and that reason is…Facebook.  I may have mentioned that before on here, but it’s seriously addicting.  I literally could spend my whole evening with my laptop on my lap (of course) refreshing the Facebook status update page every 2 minutes, waiting for someone new to post an interesting tidbit.  Every once in a while I will check out the pictures page, but mostly I’m just a constant “refresher”.  Wow, now that I say that, I sound pretty pathetic.  Jamie, I promise you that I will try to limit my sad, sad obsession so that in those wee hours of the morning I can offer you at least a few minutes of entertainment.  If I am successful your husband’s boyfriend (Stephen) will be so happy as well.  Love you Jamie, and I want to eat your baby’s face up…in a good way.


One Response to “My Contribution To Late Night Breast Feeding Mothers Everywhere.”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Sadly, when you say my husband’s boyfriend, I know exactly who you’re referring to. No parentheses needed. And, I wish we lived closer so that I didn’t have to rely on your blog for my Liana fix!! Love you too, and thx for the gift 🙂

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