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We May Need To Pad Her Room. November 23, 2009

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Tonight was another spirit night at Chick-fil-a for Ellie’s school, so once again I called on the Hutton’s to come with me since Keith couldn’t make it, and that way I wouldn’t have to brave the restaurant full of two to five year olds by myself.  Dinner was lovely, and when “Mark” came over to say hello to Ellie, Jackson didn’t look like he was going to beat him up.  He did however stare him down and then make fun of him after he left.  Three year olds can be mean too.  Ellie had said that she wanted ice cream and I told her that she had to finish her chicken first, but she said that she was done and told me that I could eat it.  I was not going to pass up the offer because those chicken nuggets are some of the most delicious bites every made.  So as we’re leaving Ellie says again that he wants ice cream, and I again told her no because she didn’t finish her chicken, and that my friends is when the child LOST HER MIND!  Right then she started screaming…SCREAMING, about how she wanted to eat her chicken.  Even Mike couldn’t calm her down, and she looooooves Uncle Mike.  She screamed at the top of her lungs and kicked all the way through the parking lot.  Then once in the car she continued to scream for another 20 minutes.  I have never seen a temper tantrum so grand in my life.  Me laughing through most of it probably didn’t help, but the fact that she screamed “I WANNA EAT MY CHICKEN”, chicken that she knew didn’t exist, for over 20 minutes was hilarious.


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