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We May Need To Pad Her Room. November 23, 2009

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Tonight was another spirit night at Chick-fil-a for Ellie’s school, so once again I called on the Hutton’s to come with me since Keith couldn’t make it, and that way I wouldn’t have to brave the restaurant full of two to five year olds by myself.  Dinner was lovely, and when “Mark” came over to say hello to Ellie, Jackson didn’t look like he was going to beat him up.  He did however stare him down and then make fun of him after he left.  Three year olds can be mean too.  Ellie had said that she wanted ice cream and I told her that she had to finish her chicken first, but she said that she was done and told me that I could eat it.  I was not going to pass up the offer because those chicken nuggets are some of the most delicious bites every made.  So as we’re leaving Ellie says again that he wants ice cream, and I again told her no because she didn’t finish her chicken, and that my friends is when the child LOST HER MIND!  Right then she started screaming…SCREAMING, about how she wanted to eat her chicken.  Even Mike couldn’t calm her down, and she looooooves Uncle Mike.  She screamed at the top of her lungs and kicked all the way through the parking lot.  Then once in the car she continued to scream for another 20 minutes.  I have never seen a temper tantrum so grand in my life.  Me laughing through most of it probably didn’t help, but the fact that she screamed “I WANNA EAT MY CHICKEN”, chicken that she knew didn’t exist, for over 20 minutes was hilarious.


Not One, But Three. November 18, 2009

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Update on a previous post. The doctors have found not one bone marrow match for little Liam, but three.  If everything works out well he will have his transplant early next year.  Thank you to all of you who prayed and registered yourself to be a donor, and I know Liam and his family thank you too.


This Is For My Friend Katie. November 14, 2009

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Hopefully it doesn’t send her into a major panic attack.


Never Would Have Thought About It Before. November 12, 2009

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Meet my friend Ann, and her youngest son Liam.  I have known Ann since first grade.  She and I started elementary school together, then we went to high school together, then she moved to Southern California while I went to a junior college back home.  When my roommate Jenn and I, who also went to high school with Ann, the two of them were practically inseparable, moved to Southern California for school I got to hang out with Ann a lot more.  She and I would spend our Summer’s tanning and loading up on Caramel Frappuccinos, while perfecting our Britney Spears dance moves.  Ann has since moved back to Northern California and married an awesome guy named Jeff.  Together they have two little boys, Cole who is three, and Liam who turned one a few months ago.  The last time I saw Ann was when she was still pregnant with Liam, so unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to meet the little guy, but this blog post is actually about him.  A few months ago Liam was diagnosed with a disease called HLH.  It is an extremely rare disease that requires chemo, spinal taps, MRIs and possibly bone marrow transplants, but it is not cancer.  Since the diagnosis Liam has had good days and bad days, and if you have children of your own you can imagine how hard those bad days can be on Ann and Jeff.  Liam has had to spend nights alone in the hospital because he was so sick.  Through all of this Ann and her sisters have kept everyone up to date through the power of Facebook.  Because of this I came to realize how important it was to become a bone marrow doner.  What if I am able to help Liam or another person out there.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help my friend, or a total stranger whose life I could save.  So tonight my swab kit came in the mail.  It took me about five minutes to take four swabs of my cheek cells which I will send off to the bone marrow registry, who will let me know if I am a match for anyone in the future.  If you are interested in helping someone you may or may not know, and are willing to donate some marrow, check out this link.  http://www.marrow.org/


You Know Your Child Is Tired When… November 11, 2009

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…she will sleep like this for 20 minutes.



Weekend Wrap-up…Really Late.

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This last weekend was pretty awesome because of the fact that on Saturday night we got to go out to dinner and celebrate the birthday’s of two of our friends Stephen and Stephanie.  And even though they have birthdays only a day apart, and they have names that would make you think that they could be twins, they are not.  They are married, and they are awesome.  About 18 of us got together for some sushi, some good and some questionable, but the company was all that mattered, and it was great.  After dinner, and much discussion about what to do next, we ended up at…I can’t believe I’m going to say this…Belmont Station.  The Station and I have a bit of an uncomfortable past because when I was 20 I borrowed the ID of a friend and tried to pass it off as mine in order to get in.  The only problem was that the friend was also with me and only a couple of people in line ahead of me.  The guy at the door totally caught us and wouldn’t let me in.  At least the trick had worked at three other bars before that.  Sorry Mom and Dad.  We didn’t stay long at The Station because I was so afraid that I would see someone that I work with and I wouldn’t know what to say.  That’s the wrap-up.  Here are the pics.

IMG_3236 IMG_3237 IMG_3238 IMG_3239 IMG_3243


Wherein I Declare My Love For My Favorite Holiday Beverage. November 5, 2009

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I absolutely believe that every year media and retailers bombard us with Christmas stuff way too early.  Since Starbucks started using the holiday red cups on Tuesday, I have heard so many people complain about how it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, and to top it off we are also playing Christmas music in the store.  It’s very subtle, I will be working and all of a sudden I will hear a Christmas song, then 30 minutes later I will hear another one.  Starbucks is sneaky in the way they plant thoughts of holidays in our heads.  With the early arrival of the red cups and the obnoxious Christmas music also comes the holiday beverages, gingerbread lattes, eggnog lattes, peppermint mochas and caramel apple spices, the last two of which most people don’t know we have year round.  See, Starbucks is sneaky.  But by far the best drink that we have is…wait for it…CHAI EGGNOG LATTES!!!  Dear God my mouth waters just typing the words.  When someone comes into my store and orders a regular chai tea latte, I ask them if they have ever had it with eggnog, and when I ask them my eyes get really big, almost like I am drug dealer only I am strung out on sweet delicious eggnog instead of crack.  It is quite possibly the best drink to ever touch my lips.  So good in fact that on the first day we had eggnog in the store I drank three of these delicious beverages.  Today I only had two, so I consider that an improvement.  The eggnog will be around until January, so I’m either going to need to learn how to control myself, or start running more than just three days a week.