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Living Vicariously. May 21, 2009

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SO_YOU_THINK_YOU_CAN_DANCEThere are certain movies and television shows that make me wish that I could do or be whatever it is that I am watching.  For example “Gone In 60 Seconds” makes me want to steal cars, “Days Of Thunder” makes me want to race cars, “Footloose” makes me want to go back to my old high school and tell all of the teachers “See, I danced in high school and I didn’t get pregnant”, and “So You Think You Can Dance” makes me want to be a dancer.  Now let’s face it, I am way too old to be trying out for that show.  Not to mention too clumsy, and not nearly bendy enough.  In fact I think I was actually destined to not be a dancer due to the fact that my mom told me that when she was going to sign me up for dance classes when I was little I asked if I would have to do the same thing as everyone else in the class.  She told me yes, and I said that if that was the case I didn’t want to take dance lessons.  I took bowling lessons instead, and have lots of plaques to show for it.  I now however can’t even come close to matching my high score when I was 11.  So tonight I watched “So You Think You Can Dance” while stretching and pointing my toes, and living vicariously through the young people on that stage.


lianaslist May 20, 2009

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Saturday was a momentous occasion for Keith and I.  You see, for the five and a half years that Keith and I have been married we have slept on a full size bed.  I know other couples who also sleep on a full. but these couples aren’t made up of a man and woman who are nearly 6’3″ and 5’9″ respectively.  Can you imagine all that height and four gangly limbs trying to fit comfortably in a full size bed for almost six years?  Keith actually hung off the end of the bed, it was so small.  When I would tell our friends what size our bed was most of them had the same reaction, which consisted of a jaw drop, followed by a “What!”.  Well Saturday was a big day because one of my employees gave us the queen bed from her guest room, in order to turn it into a nursery for her new baby.  So since Saturday I have felt like a Queen, because I’ve been sleeping on a queen.  As you can see, it doesn’t take much to make me happy.  With this new bed in our possession, we are left not knowing what to do with our old mattress and box spring.  The set is about 10 years old, but honestly I was comfy on it up until the day we got the new one.  Or maybe if you are not super stoked on the idea of sleeping on a ten year old mattress yourself, you might be looking for something for a guest room.  In that case, if the mattress is a little uncomfortable, and you have guests that make you a little uncomfortable, then maybe this bed could help you shorten their stay.  Let me know if you are interested.  In a week we will be putting it in our back alley for the scavengers.


My Little Ellie-Bean Is A Playa. May 18, 2009

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At church there are a couple of little boys Ellie’s age who seem to love her, even though she plays hard to get.  For a two year old that means screaming any time one of them in particular gets near her.  He doesn’t seem to mind though, and he keeps trying to hug and kiss her every time he sees her.  Today when I dropped Ellie off at daycare, one of the parents asked me if I had heard about the phone call that her child, who is in the same class with Ellie, had with his grandmother.  I said no, and she told me that it went like this:

Grandmother:  How is school?

Child:  Good

Grandmother:  Do you have a girlfriend?

Child:  Yes.

Grandmother:  What is her name?

Child:  Ellie.

Grandmother:  Is she pretty?

Child:  WOO HOO!

Apparently this little boy thinks that Ellie’s cuteness can only be described with a “WOO HOO”.  So now, at two she already has school boyfriends and church boyfriends.  God help me.


Nicknames. May 15, 2009

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Growing up I never really had any nicknames, and I was always kinda jealous of people who did have them, especially if they had more than one.  I don’t really know why this was always such a fascination for me.  I think it also falls into the same category as always wishing that I was not the tallest person in my class, or that I had blond hair, or a sibling.  It’s just one of those things that you notice about other people when you are young and want for yourself.  I was friends with one girl in elementary school named Katrina, and everyone called her Kiki, even her parents, now that was cool.  As I got older, people started calling my Li, or Lili, which I liked, but I wondered why no one thought of these names earlier.  Keith and I have given Ellie lots of nicknames, so many in fact that we pretty much only use the name Eleanor when she is in trouble.  Here are some of those nicknames:



Elle Mae


L.L. Bean



Elbow Macarroni

Elmer Fudd

Elmer’s Glue


Peanut Butter and Ellie


El Toro Air Force Base

El Torito

bElle and Sebastian


John Elway



El Camino

El Nino

Elbenezer Scrooge

Elmont Shore

…and the list goes on


Just In Case Hot Dog On A Stick Is Ever Looking For A New Spokesmodel. May 14, 2009

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Ellie and I were at the mall the other day around lunch time, and for some reason I had this overwhelming craving for some meat on a stick.  I took Ellie to Hot Dog on a Stick, for what I believe was her first corndog ever.  It took her a while to figure out how to eat it because it was pretty hot.  She just sat for about the first five minutes blowing on it and saying, “It’s hot Mommy, it’s hot”.  Once she finally did start eating it she loved it.  However it did take her so long to finish it that I finally had to just throw her in her stroller and continue my shopping while she kept eating.



No Blogging Tonight. May 13, 2009

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Out of respect.



Ellen’s Stimulus Package. May 12, 2009

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I don’t have cable or a DVR, so the only means of watching television in our house is either live, or on the internet.  I found out today that one of the girls that I used to do store openings with when I worked for Chili’s was visited by Ellen DeGeneres’ traveling stimulus package, so I had to hunt down the clip and watch it on line.  If you are interested in seeing someone try to grab thousands of dollars in one of those giant air tube things, than you should check it out here.  Her name is Heather, and she is a single mom.  It’s kinda funny actually because when I met her on our first store opening together I found out that she worked at the same Chili’s that I used to work at, and she also dated a guy that I used to date.  I however was not fortunate enough to have the crazy air tube visit my house also, so there is one thing we don’t have in common.  Congratulations Heather!