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Her Ariel Impression. March 31, 2009

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Ellie has recently learned that if the water in the bathtub is at just the right level, she can lay down in the tub and not have her face be covered by the water.  The first time she did this was when Keith was bathing her and I heard him yell for me to come in the bathroom.  I was a little concerned when I walked in our bathroom and saw our child floating face up just a few inches away from drowning, but she looked like she was having a good time so I let it go, plus Keith was right there so I knew she was fine.  Last night when I was hanging out with Ellie in the tub she started to move around and get herself situated as if she was going to try to lay down again.  This time I yelled for Keith to get the camera.  While she was laying there she started kicking her feet and calling herself a mermaid “like Ariel”.  When Keith was taking pictures she kept kicking and saying “cheeeeese”.  She is crazy.  Maybe this year she will actually enjoy swim lessons.


Another One For My Mom, And The Wilbanks’ March 27, 2009

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It’s been almost a week now, but I thought that I would finally post some pictures from the 80’s party that our church held last Saturday.  If you are on Facebook, chances are you have already been overloaded with pictures of brightly dressed, big haired dancin fools, but for those of you who are not on Facebook, those of you in the title of this post, these pictures are for you.  As I have said previously on this blog, I was so excited to get to wear this dress again, that even the fact that it was way too tight, and super uncomfortable wasn’t going to stop me.  The party was a lot of fun, except for the brain damage that was surely caused by inhaling the fumes from the huge silly string fight at the end.  I even broke out my Running Man/Roger Rabbit combo without the assistance of any alcohol for those of you who were lucky/unlucky enough to be standing nearby.  Don’t worry, there are no pictures of that that I know of.  Enjoy.

img_2401 img_2406 img_2407 img_2408 img_2411 img_2412 img_2415 img_24221 img_2436


Welcome Katie! March 26, 2009

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Katie is one of the girls who works at my store.  Not only is she a fabulous Shift Lead and snappy dresser, but she makes us all some pretty tasty goodies quite often.  Just a couple of days ago Katie started a blog where she will be showcasing her yummy treats, as well as giving out the recipes.  If you get a chance, stop buy and check her out, and give her a few words of encouragement.  This blogging world can be a scary place sometimes.


Just Because I Thought This Was Amazing. March 25, 2009

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I saw this on another blog, and had to share it with all of my friends.  I even called Keith out from doing the dishes to watch it, so you know it’s good.  Enjoy.


Look @ Me, Look @ Me Spring Cleaning.

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So I was noticing on my blog the other day one of the same things that many of my other blog friends have noticed about their blogs in the past.  In my blogroll I have lots of people who have given up on the blogging world, however I am still trying to send people to their space.  I’m sure people love it when they go to Mike Hutton’s blog, and get firework safety tips from a year ago, but let’s get real, most people aren’t into that.  Plus, I know there are also a lot of great blogs out there that I don’t even know about.  So I have decided that today I will clear out my blogroll, and I will add people to it who want to be on it.  There are some that I will leave up, because I know that those people don’t read my blog and obviously couldn’t care less if I kept them up or not, but I think they’re amazing.  So here you go readers, if you want to be on my blogroll, please just leave me a comment with the address so I can clean up my messy sidebar.  Thank You.


Happy Happy Birthday, Baby.

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Okay, so I’m a day late, but at least I didn’t forget.  In fact we were out celebrating Keith’s birthday at Disneyland last night and when we got home I was so tired there was no way that I had the energy to blog.  That being said, yesterday was my awesome husband’s birthday.  That means that for the next month he is six years older than me instead of just five.  I know that’s not really how it works, but that’s how I always see it.  If you know my husband then you know how awesome he is, and many of you tell me.  I must hear every Sunday by at least three people, who great they think he is.  And if you don’t know him, then you are missing out.  I could go on and on listing his amazing qualities, but Keith is not someone who likes to draw attention to himself, regardless of what you might think by the videos I have recently posted.  In fact, the idea that I am devoting a whole post to him greatness will probably make him very uncomfortable.  But being the good wife that I am, I don’t care.  Thank you to everyone who wished him a Happy Birthday  yesterday, or called to sing to him on the phone, or stood in the background while other people sang.  I love you Babe, you’re the best person I know.



I Wonder Where She Gets It From? March 23, 2009

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Tonight Keith and I were getting ready to go to dinner, and Ellie came into our room with one of her movies.  We asked her which one it was, and she said “Tinkerbelle”.  It was actually “Peter Pan”, but she knows who the star really is.  Anyway, she dropped the movie on the floor and started to walk away when Keith said, “Hey Elle, come pick up your movie”.  She looked at Keith and said, “You pick it up”.  Great.