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Perfect Family Evening. February 24, 2009

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Do you ever have those days?  The awful ones that make you want to go home and put on your jammies and curl in a ball and maybe even cry or scream a little because you are so frustrated/angry/whatever?  Today was one of those days.  Since Keith’s car accident we have had to deal with so much crap from the insurance company, that every interaction with them makes me want to bang my head against a wall.  Without gong into too much detail, which could cause this post to run incredibly long, I will just say that today I was pretty unhappy.  I picked Keith up from the train station and we decided that because it was already almost 6pm, that we would skip lifegroup and go have diner instead.  This turned out to be just fine because our group ended up being cancelled due to sickness anyway.  We decided to go to E. J. Malloy’s in Long Beach, where I had some wings and a beer, and watched Obama’s speech, and Ellie was the most perfect well behaved child in the world.  Keith and I both said that it was the perfect evening, and the best family dinner night we had had in a ling time.  Now I am in my jammies, and I am not crying or screaming.


This Is What They Do While I Cook Dinner. February 23, 2009

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Aren’t they so cute.

img_2355 img_2356


Lil’ Angels 2009. February 20, 2009

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Every year at Ellie’s daycare they take “Lil’ Angels” pictures, where they dress the kids up as adults, usually in uniforms from some sort of occupation.  When I was pregnant with Ellie, our friend Beth’s son Drew went to the daycare that Ellie goes to now, and when I saw his “Lil’ Angels” pictures I laughed so hard that we thought for sure that it would send me in to early labor.  Last year when it was picture time Ellie-bean wanted NOTHING to do with dressing up, which if you know my child well enough would come as no surprise because she hates to be messed with…and dressing up counts as “messing”.  So, I was totally in shock when I went to pick The Bean up yesterday and they had these photos of her.  I laughed so hard I almost wet myself, and decided that we had to have them.  Isn’t it awesome?


She’s Not Ready. February 19, 2009

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For several weeks now the teachers in Ellie’s class have been telling us that they think that she is ready to be potty trained.  I wasn’t quite sure if they were right or not, but I thought that I would borrow my friend Beth’s book about how to potty train in three days and give it a try.  Last Saturday, Valentines Day was day one.  Since I had to work in the morning Keith got to kick off the potty fest.  Before that day we had talked a lot with Ellie about how she wasn’t going to wear diapers anymore, and she was going to wear underwear and use the potty like a big girl.  She also knew that if she did go in the potty that she would get a treat.  I guess it’s kinda like training a dog.  Anyway, day one she wet her pants 7 times, day two 9 times, and day three 6 times.  On day three the last two wettings took place at Chick-fil-A, the second one being in the play area.  With that one she also pooped in her pants, and other kids noticed because they kept saying that someone stunk.  Most of the times when she would wet herself she didn’t even seem to realize what had happened.  Keith and I at this point thought that her teachers were full of it, but we decided that we would take her to daycare on Tuesday with underwear on instead of diapers and see what they said.  When I got her ready on Tuesday morning I packed in her bag two extra pairs of underwear, I would have packed more but they were all in the laundry, and three pairs of pants.  As soon as we got to daycare in the morning she wet her first pair of pants and had to be changed.  By the time I had picked her up she had wet all her underwear and her pull-ups, and they had put her back in a diaper.  And that was when they told me that they were wrong, and she was not ready.  I’m a little relieved, because I can now go back to having a normal life where I don’t stare at my child’s crotch all day waiting for her to wet her pants.


Sorry I Left You All Hanging. February 16, 2009

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So I’m sure you have all been dying to know what happened with my washer/dryer fiasco, so here you go.  The day after I called the Thor people and left them my disgruntled message, I got a call back.  The man on the phone told me that I needed to take the front panel off the machine, and then unscrew a part that was at the bottom.  We didn’t realize that when we did this that the approximately 3 gallons of water that was inside the machine would come shooting out.  Keith quickly closed up the part while I got a cookie sheet and a bowl, the two things that would save us from flooding our hallway.  So once Keith positioned the cookie sheet just so under the part he was about to unscrew, he let the floodgates open.  We went through a process of filling up the cookie sheet and pouring it into the bowl over and over again filling the bowl 3 times.  It was kinda gross.  After all the water was drained Keith reached in and pulled out a bobbie pin…oops.  So it turns out that I accidently left one of my bobbie pins in my pocket and threw the pants in the laundry.  Who knew such a little thing could cause so much trouble.  Now our machine runs great again.  Thank goodness because now that we are potty training Ellie, I have a lot more laundry to do.  More on that later.


Next Time I’m Gonna Have 9 Babies. February 11, 2009

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Last night Dateline did an interview with the woman who recently gave birth to 8 babies at once.  It was kinda weird watching her talk after all of the unfavorable press that I have already heard about her.  Things about her already having 6 other children, all of them living with her parents in a three bedroom house, her not being married, and having no job.  I was hoping that the interview would make me understand her more, and understand why on earth she would make the choice to have so many embryos put in her like a big ole gum ball machine or something, but it didn’t.  Instead most of the stuff that she said in her interview seemed like a lie.  One of the things especially was when she said that she had six embryos implanted in her, just like she had every other time, it was just that this time they all took, and two of them split into twins.  Really?  So every other time with the six she only came out with one baby, except for one time when she had twins.  I don’t buy it.  Also, when the fabulous Ann Curry asked her if she has any source of income the mom said that right now she and her children are living off of food stamps and financial aid, but when she finishes school in a year and a half she will have a job to support all 15 of them.  Does this woman not realize that we are in a recession, and that unemployment is super high right now?  What kind of job is she going to get that will allow her to support 15 people?  For now I know where she will be getting some money.  She has a website up that doesn’t give any information about her or the babies, all it does is ask for donations.  Awesome idea.  I should set one up for myself.


Like Mother Like Daughter. February 9, 2009

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Ellie got her first tattoos today applied by her daddy.  She originally wanted to get the one of the snake wrapping itself around a naked woman holding a skull, but we talked her into Tinkerbell and one of her friends instead.  I myself have two tattoos, and whenever I think about other people getting them I always think about two people I know and the tattoos they have that I think are silly.  The first one is an ex-boyfriend of mine who has the Lowenbrau Lion tattooed on his chest.  I mean is that really necessary?  And the other is an old friend of mine that has a Confederate flag tattooed on his butt.  And I believe that he is from south Orange County.  I know that there are some rediculous tattoos out there, but those were the silliest ones I know of personally.