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Sorry Conservative Friends O’ Mine… September 30, 2008

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…but I think this might be my favorite song right now.


She Already Knows. September 29, 2008

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Keith told me that the other day he was carrying Ellie into the kitchen and she saw our cans out for recycling.  He told me that she pointed at the Coke can and said “Mama”, then she pointed at the beer can and said “Dada”.  She is the smartest baby ever.


How On Earth Could I Have Missed This? September 28, 2008

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There is only one television show that I am crazier about than Lost, and that is The Amazing Race.  I am so crazy about it that I refuse to answer my phone when it is on, and I request that Keith not speak until commercial breaks.  I know that sounds a little mean, but I find the show so incredibly entertaining, and it has me so captivated that I don’t want to be disturbed for any reason.  With this being said, I have no idea how this happened, but for some reason I had no idea that tonight was the season premier.  I found out it was on about 10 minutes in to the show and felt completely lost because I missed the beginning.  During the first commercial break I caught up on the prep work that I normally do before the show begins and checked out the bio’s of the contestants.  It was at this time that Keith said, “Oh yeah, I heard something about it starting tonight.  Sorry I forgot to tell you”.  To which I said, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  DO YOU NOT LIVE WITH ME?  HAVE WE NOT BEEN MARRIED FOR 5 YEARS?  HOW COULD YOU FORGET TO TELL ME?”  I’m not sure if I have a favorite team yet, but I’m almost positive that I will have one by the end of the next episode.  

The fact that The Amazing Race started tonight also gives me a good excuse to post one of my favorite Revolution videos.


Amazing Hair No Longer.

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I Had To Hold In My Laughter So That I Wouldn’t Wake Keith Up. September 26, 2008

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I saw this on Jimmy Kimmel and thought it was awesome.  The best part is when he tags the wall after being pulled aside by “McSteamy”. 


How Many Is Too Many? September 25, 2008

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I just saw a commercial for a women’s razor that has 5 blades, and in the commercial a woman is talking about how much better it is than her current razor.  She says “My razor has I think only 3 or 4 blades”.  Since when was 3 or 4 blades not enough?  What kind of crazy hair are women growing these days that they need 5 blades to shave it off.  I remember when I first started shaving the razors that I used had only 1 blade.  That would be unthinkable these days.  Side story, I decided when I was like 10, or 11, or 12, or something that I wanted to start shaving my legs because my friends were doing it.  I went to the store with my friend Shantell and bought one of those bags of like 12 razors, probably because they were the cheapest, and took them home.  The first time I shaved my legs I totally cut myself, and when my mom had asked me why I had a band-aid on my leg I told her that I had scraped myself getting out of the pool.  I also hid the razors in my closet so she wouldn’t find them, but I think she did anyway.  When she found out she just said that if I wanted to start shaving I should have just asked her.  That story had nothing to do with the point that I was trying to make, but now that I think about it, if my first razor did have 5 blades then maybe I never would have cut myself the first time I shaved my legs, and maybe my mom never would have caught on to my lie.


One More Reason Why My Husband Is Amazing. September 24, 2008

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As many of you already know, my child has a thing for pooping in the bathtub.  Every single time she does it Keith cleans it up without complaining, while I usually gag and say “Why Ellie, Why?!?!”.  I order to avoid this from happening everyday we now try to stick to showers, because they are less relaxing, and we always ask Ellie before she gets in the shower if she has to poop.  Sometimes she says yes and we put her on the toilet.  Once there she looks around, smiles, and says “All done”, without having done anything.  Usually she says no.  Tonight she said no, so she and I got in the shower.  Everything was fine and we were all clean so Ellie was playing with the water.  She turns and looks at me and says “Dada?”, almost as if she knew I was going to need to call for him soon.  Then she let out this aweful, messy fart and pooped all over the bathtub and almost on my foot.  I yelled “HOLY CRAP!”, and started screaming for Keith.  Luckily I had the bathroom window open, and the kitchen window was open, so my screams carried outside so that Keith could hear me in the other room and came to my rescue.  He said “O.K., Get out.”, and proceeded to clean up poop for about the 30th time without one complaint.  God I love him.

On a side note, I am begining to realize that I severely overuse and misuse my dear friend, the comma.