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Not Only Did I MARRY Some Amazing Hair… August 29, 2008

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…but I gave birth to some as well.  Check out Ellie’s hair after she woke up from her nap in her stroller.


Mommy And Ellie Day. August 28, 2008

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Okay so every Thursday is mommy and Ellie day, but this one was a little different.  Today I decided we would go to Disneyland so that Ellie could play in the water area at Bug’s Life in California Adventure.  There were many opportunities today for things to go terribly wrong, but luckily for myself and my fabulous child we both ended the day in one piece.  First off, as I have stated before I have quite possibly the worst sense of direction of any person living, so the fact that I was even able to get us to the park was pretty phenomenal.  Second, I know where nothing in California Adventure or Disneyland is located.  I don’t even know the names of the lands in Disneyland, and yes I am an annual pass holder.  I must have looked at the map seven times, and hit two dead ends on our way to our destination.  At one point I even wondered because it was such a hot day, if I got completely lost in the park and because of the heat couldn’t go on, if a nice princess would take in Ellie and raise her as her own and teach her the princess ways.  I know it’s a bit extreme, but if you know how bad my sense of direction is, you would understand that anything is possible.  Third, Ellie loves water, but at the same time Ellie also loves to change her mind about things she loves at random times, because she is a girl, and we do that.  This meant that we could get there and she could throw a fit and decide that she wanted nothing to do with the water fun that we had made this trip specifically for.  Lucky for us both, we made it before becoming dehydrated, even though I was pretty sweaty, and Ellie loved playing in the water.  Before all of this though we went into a gift shop because I wanted to see if I could find some sunglasses for Ellie.  Unfortunately I was unable to find any without fairies, princesses, or mouse ears on them so we almost left empty-handed.  I said almost.  While we were in the store I was on the phone with Keith, and standing next to Ellie and I was a woman who worked in the store.  She was playing with this awful orange Mickey head on a stick that spun around and had lights inside.  To make it even worse, it made creepy Halloween noises.  That’s right people, Halloween is a comin.  Ellie seemed fascinated with this object and the woman asked her if she would like to hold it.  Ellie-bean shot out her hand and gladly took it from the woman.  After I got off the phone and realized that I was not going to find any sunglasses for Ellie I said “Okay, time to go.  Can we put this back?”  Referring to the awful orange orb.  To which Ellie said “No”.  And if you have ever heard my child say “No” it is quite possibly the cutest, most irresistible thing ever.  Not when she’s saying it in a jerky way, like when we are trying to brush her teeth and she turns into a monster, but when she says it in a sweet way, it’s hard to resist.  So she got it of course.



I Heart Sesame Street. August 27, 2008

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4 was the number of the day on Sesame Street today, and just after Ellie passed out from exhaustion with her face in her soy nut butter and jelly sandwich, this came on.  Too bad she was asleep otherwise we would have rocked out.  You know, as much as an exhausted 20 month can rock out.  So I enjoyed it myself, and then cleaned her up and put her down for her nap.  Guess who else is going down for a nap right now.


More Music Please. August 26, 2008

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Keith came home yesterday with some very exciting news.  He had downloaded an application that makes it possible to have access to the itunes playlists of some of our friends.  Now thanks to Simplify Media, we can listen to his, his, his and his music.  The only bummer is that we only have access to their music when they have itunes and the internet open on their computers, and we cannot burn discs of any of their music.  Other than that, it’s pretty cool to be able to listen to our friends music for free.  Because of this I am realizing that my friends are way cooler than I am with the music that they listen to.


A Three Hour Tour, A Three Hour Tour. August 25, 2008

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Last Friday my district manager took myself and eight other store managers from our district on a fun little outing.  It was actually called a “meeting”, and we did talk a little about work, but mostly we just had fun and got paid for it.  First we all met at Sugar Shack in Huntington Beach for breakfast where I had the yummiest food ever.  OK, maybe not ever, but it was pretty stinkin good.  If I could remember what it was called I would tell you.  It was something like The Kepler, or something scientific sounding like that.  It was really good.  Then we walked down the pier and while we were watching all the surfers one of the store managers got pooped on by a bird.  She said that it was a family curse and that her dad once got pooped on seven times in one day.  After that we went out to Newport Beach for a surprise that our boss had planned for us which was a boat ride.  It wasn’t on a fancy-dancy yacht or anything it was on one of those Duffy boats, but it was still lots of fun.  The week before the “meeting” he asked us what our favorite song was, which was probably one of the most difficult questions I have ever been asked.  There was lots of speculation as to why he wanted to know our favorite song.  One of the managers thought we were going to have to sing it in a karaoke bar.  I just thought he was going to make us a mix tape.  What he did was play each song and had us try to guess which manger had picked the song.  And he did make us a mix tape (cd), so I was partially right.  So, as soon as we got on the boat I asked “do you have to take any special lessons to be able to drive this thing or can anyone do it?”  My boss said that there were no lessons required so of course I immediately asked if I could drive the boat.  He warned me that the steering was a little tricky, and boy was he right.  I think I frightened my fellow store managers, because I kept getting pretty close to hitting other boats, and by pretty close I mean I was heading straight for them and turning at the last minute.  There were several times on the trip when I thought I might kill us all however, even after that no one else seemed interested in driving the boat themselves.  Maybe I really was doing such a great job that no one wanted to take the wheel from me.


Long Beach store managers.

Long Beach store managers.


Lonely Casey.

Lonely Casey.


Trying not to kill us all.

Trying not to kill us all.




I Had To Post This Video Because Christopher Is Awesome.

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Jackson was breakin it down with the worship team.

Ellie is in awe of her fathers amazing voice and guitar skills but gets into it with some clapping towards the end.

Christopher joins Jack in the dance party.


Umm, I Have A Question. August 21, 2008

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So, if it’s “flavored” with meat, but there’s no meat in it…what do they do with the meat after it flavors the sauce?