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We Have A Name! June 24, 2008

Filed under: ellie-bean,family,keith,pets,T.V. — lianadickson @ 9:48 pm

Well I didn’t get a ton of people dying to name our new pet fish.  And those suggestions that I did get unfortunately didn’t excite me very much, so I hate to say it but no one will be receiving free enchiladas.  We did however decide on a name ourselves tonight…because I know you all were soooo concerned.  Our fish’s name…wait for it…is…Petrozza.  We took it from the show Hell’s Kitchen for any of you who don’t watch it.  So now that he? has a name we are officially a family of four, Keith, Liana, Ellie & Petrozza.  I think it sounds good.


One Response to “We Have A Name!”

  1. Angelo Says:

    If you were going the Hell’s Kitchen route… i’d have voted DEWBERRY! Or as Ramsay called him: F’ing Doughnut!

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