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Save The Redheads! June 24, 2008

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That’s right people, the redheads are a dying breed.  I had heard about this before and last night it was brought up again.  In about 100 years supposedly there will be no more redheads on the planet  because of it being a recessive gene.  There is actually a website devoted to trying to save the redheads.  This made me wonder if hundreds of years ago there were other hair colors that we don’t know about today because they have died out.  Now being a brunette myself I have done my part by marrying a redhead and procreating.  And I think that we may have successfully added a number to the redhead population.  So if you have red hair, and are not yet married, please consider finding yourself a fellow redhead to spend the rest of your life with.  Gentlemen, as far as I know Lindsey Lohan is not yet married.  And ladies, I think Carrot Top may be on the market.


6 Responses to “Save The Redheads!”

  1. Carrot Top is scary looking, I’ve seen him in person.

    Save the Gingers!!

  2. Jared Says:

    glad to have married one of the dying breed myself. wonder if her hair will be worth money some day? i better set up a website and paypal account in preparation.

  3. whittakerwoman Says:

    i heard that too. I just love babies with red hair! h

  4. Will Aguila Says:

    have you ever seen a filipino redhead?

  5. Diana Says:

    We’ll be working on it soon enough 🙂

  6. lori Says:

    My aunt has my coloring (dark hair, olive skin) and married a blonde. 2 of their kids are FLAMING red heads, and the other 2 are blonde. Go figure. It’s weird because there are no redheads on our side of the family.

    Never saw a filipino redhead, but my redheaded sis-in-law and her filipino husband are about to give birth. I kinda doubt we’ll see the red.

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