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Vacation Recap. June 20, 2008

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We’ve been back from vacation for a few days now, and I’ve had other stuff that I would rather write about which is why it has taken me this long to post about our trip.  Plus I knew that this post would take a while because of all of the pictures we took, so I was dreading having to take the time to sit down and do it.  But here it goes.  In order to not bore you all to death I will just get straight to the goods…the pictures.  That’s pretty much all I like to see when I look at other peoples blogs anyway.  For those of you who did not already know, we went on a two week vacation to visit our families.  We spent one week with my family and the second week with Keith’s.  Here you go, enjoy.


Ellie made some new friends.


Keith made a masterpiece out of Ellie’s blocks.  If you look closely you can see the picture frame he put on the inside of one of them.

We had some fun at the Exploratorium…once we finally got there.




Keith found this lovely picture of me looking like a 13 year old country singer/harlot while we were at my dad’s house.

Ellie’s not too sure about my grandparents.  Probably because I warned her that my grandpa likes to pick on EVERYONE.

We hung out with my friend Ann and her husband Jeff.  Also, Ellie got to meet one of her potential suitors, their little boy Cole.  They got acquainted by showing each other their tummies.

While we were staying at my mom’s house she had a yard sale.  I couldn’t resist taking pictures of some of the “fabulous” items up for grabs.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the picture of the Eddie Murphy audio cassette to upload.



It was during all this that my mom thought it would be a great idea for me to look through all of my old stuff that she has been storing for me, and decide what I wanted to keep.  In there we also found some pretty awesome stuff that gives you a little look into my youth.



We set up a little pool for Ellie so she could stand in it for two minutes and then decide she didn’t like it.


Ellie and Keith played “hats”.


Ellie ate a human being popsicle.  It just looks like blood.


Then we went to Keith’s parents house where Ellie continued to make a mess of herself.


Ellie also did her Macaulay Culkin impression for us.


Then she had a tea party.

One day we went to the beach.



Ellie also got to play with her cousin Miles and Keith’s parents dog Missy.


Overall it was a pretty awesome vacation.