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7 Hours Later, We Are Finally Here! June 4, 2008

Filed under: cars,driving,ellie-bean,family,keith,vacation — lianadickson @ 9:44 pm

Well, we are finally at my mom’s house.  We actually made pretty good time considering that we had to stop about a dozen times due to my husband’s tiny bladder.  We managed to make it 500 miles without getting pulled over or running into anything, which is pretty good considering the luck I’ve had with driving lately.  And Ellie only threw one tiny tantrum which was put to an end very quickly.  Now the real fun begins.  We get to try and squeeze seeing every Northern California person we know into 5 days.  We wouldn’t do it if we didn’t want to, so let the visiting begin.  Tomorrow it’s off to lunch with Keith’s cousin and maybe a little shopping.  Who knows what the evening will hold.