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I Can’t Find The Other Flippy And It’s Driving Me Freaking Nuts! June 3, 2008

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My child has a sick obsession with shoes.  Not just her shoes but everyones shoes.  We could be at someone’s house and she will stop what she’s doing, go over and point to their shoes, and yell “CHOOOO!” (that’s shoe) as loud as she can and with a look on her face like they are the most magical things in the world.  Going to buy shoes with her is quite an experience because if you’ve heard the term “like a kid in a candy store”, well Ellie’s “candy” store is a shoe store.  She will pull shoes off the rack yelling “CHOOO, CHOOO!”  She also likes to go into her room and pull her shoes off her shelf and walk around with them like they are toys.  Well, today I was trying to pack her up for our vacation and was picking out her shoes, and there was a problem…one of her flippies is missing.  I looked everywhere, wandering around the house repeating “Where’s the flippy, where’s the flippy?”  I even got down on the floor and held the thing in front of Ellie’s face and said, “Eleanor honey, where is your flippy?  Show Mama where you put the flippy”.  And her response was to look at the flippy that I was holding, point to it and say “CHOOO”.  Uh, I give up.  She’s probably hiding it in her bed so that she can play with it if she wakes up in the middle of the night.