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Ellie’s School’s Open House. May 30, 2008

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Tonight was the open house for the daycare that Ellie goes to.  Keith and I got to check out her classroom and look at all of the fabulous artwork that she has made so far this year.  I tried to take a picture of her with one of her pieces, but she kept sticking it in her mouth.  Ellie was so excited to be at daycare with no other kids because that meant that she got to play with all of the toys without having anyone take them from her.  Turns out she loves to play with the baby dolls.  And no, Keith and I will not be giving her a real life baby brother or sister to play with anytime soon.  I actually had a dream a couple of nights ago that I had another baby and the day after it was born we left it with my mom to babysit.  I have no idea why I was out of the hospital and wanting to go out one day after giving birth, but it was a dream so I went with it.  Anyway, in my dream we left the day old baby with my mom and didn’t leave any food for the poor thing, and my mom was unable to go out and get any formula because she didn’t have a car seat.  Oh, and apparently in my dream cell phones did not exist because my mom never called me or Keith to inform us that our child was without any form of nourishment.  After keith and I got back from our night out of whatever we were doing my mom told us about how upset she was with us for not leaving any food for the baby.  Then she got Ellie’s daycare teacher on the phone, who by the way she has never met, and she told me how awful I was.  It was a weird dream and I’m not quite sure what it meant.  Maybe Keith and I are not meant to make anymore children.  Especially because I have no idea where Ellie was during the course of this dream.  We probably left her at a bar or something.  What was I talking about before all this?  Oh yes, Ellie’s open house.  Here are some pictures.  Keith pointed out the section with the rainbows in it.  It looks like all the kids kind of get the point of how rainbows are supposed to look.  Except for that kid on the bottom.  Oh wait, Ellie made that one.



Last Night We Realized That She Just Might Be A Little Demon Child. May 29, 2008

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Last night to celebrate Keith being back home I decided that we should go out to dinner.  Since Keith never has any opinion about where we should dine, and is rarely ever hungry, I got to pick.  Now, when asked where I want to eat my answer will almost always be Open Sesame.  Unless of course we are hundreds of miles away, then I will obviously choose something closer.  So last night we are eating dinner at Open Sesame, Keith, Ellie and myself, and Ellie does this thing that she has been doing a lot lately.  She holds her arm straight out to the side while holding her juice/milk/water in her hand and looks at us with that evil look of “I’m going to drop this thing on the floor right now because I can, and you’re going to have to pick it up”.  For about five minutes this is how it goes, Ellie shoots her arm out to the side with her evil, threatening grin.  We say, “Ellie, no!”.  She pulls her arm back.  Five seconds go by.  Ellie shoots her arm out again.  We say, “Ellie, no!”.  She pulls her are back.  Five more seconds go by.  Ellie shoots her arm out again.  We say, “Eleanor, NO!”.  You know we mean it if we use her full first name.  Apparently this means nothing to the evil child because last night after the third “NO!”, Ellie threw her head back and let out this “laugh” which actually sounded like an evil cackle.  I kind of expected her to follow it up by saying “This is how I will take over the world.  HA, HA, HA,!  Now that I have you parental units under my control, I can take over anyone.  They all think I am so cute, they will never know what hit them.  Watch out world, here I come”.  While she was releasing her demon cackle I looked over to Keith and said, “What have we done?  I think she might have a demon in her”.  The point of my story is that children are freaking nut jobs, and we become even bigger nut jobs after having them.  I can’t believe that I care so much about my child dropping her cup an the floor, and the fact that she knows that it bothers me so much.  With the anxiety that I feel when she is threatening to drop the cup, you would swear that she were dangling a kitten over a balcony or something.   


Keith Is Home, Keith Is Home!!! May 28, 2008

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My husband’s grandmother passed away last week, and he went up north to be with his family and to attend her funeral.  Ellie and I are so excited to have him back home, but this means that there are things that we do when he’s gone that we can’t do anymore.  You see, when Keith is gone Ellie and I do the unthinkable…we eat in front of the T.V.  I know, I know, I’m a bad parent and my child’s brain is going to rot out of her brain.  You see, eating while watching T.V. is one of Keith’s no-no’s, but it turns out Ellie really likes The Simpsons and Family Guy.  We normally eat at the table like a good family and have stimulating conversation about the happenings of our day but lets face it, how much stimulating conversation am I going to have with a 17 month old?  I would probably spend the entire meal trying to get her to not throw her sippy cup on the floor and watch her smear food all over her face and head.  Aside from eating in front of the T.V., since I didn’t have to cook for an adult other than myself that means that Ellie and I could have grilled cheese for dinner as many nights in a row as we want.  Grilled cheese is goooooooood.  Another thing that gets to happen is that Ellie can stay up past her bedtime if she and I want her to.  Keith is usually pretty regular about the bedtime, unless of course we are out.  I mean come on, we have to have lives too.  So back to what I was saying.  Ellie gets to stay up later if SHE AND I want her to, but usually by the time bedtime comes I can’t wait to stop reading the same board books for the 26th time and having her point to and name all of my facial features.  So Ellie usually goes to bed on time…sometimes a few minutes early…I have blogs to read.

Oh yeah, so Keith is home and Ellie and I are sooooooo excited.  


Seriously? May 26, 2008

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So, I understand it’s Monday night and all, but UPN must really be hurting for viewing material.  I was flipping channels and I ran across The Movie Preview Awards.  Seriously, an awards show for the things that people fast forward through when they rent movies?  I didn’t see much of it because I decided that I would rather watch the audition process of So You Think You Can Dance again, but I did see the award for the Best Voice Over.  And all this time I thought that the same guy did all the voice overs for movie previews.  Silly me.  Luckily I have things like The Movie Preview Awards to set me straight.

Oh yah, and it was hosted by Sinbad.  Awesome.


The Movie Preview Awards



I Can’t Believe People Find It That Interesting.

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Thanks to my friend Beth, there is a video of me on youtube trying to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon in under a minute, yes these are the things we do when we hang out with the Huttons.  Well today I decided to cruise by the old youtube, and check out the video.  It turns out that the video has been viewed 1,532 times.  Seriously!?!?  I don’t even know that many people.  Are complete strangers really that interested in watching me try to eat cinnamon and fail miserably?  I guess this proves that some people have a lot of free time on their hands.  Just in case you have not yet seen the video, I decided to post it here.  Really, it’s not that exciting, especially not exciting enough to be viewed 1,532 times.  Unless of course it’s Keith at work with a lot of extra time watching the video over and over again, but I don’t think even he wants to watch me spit cinnamon into a sink that many times.

Oh and by the way, my friend Mike was actually able to accomplish the cinnamon eating goal.  But his video only has 75 views.  There’s apparently no love for my friend Mike.



Hummingbirds Are Freaky.

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This past weekend my dad and my step-mom were in the area visiting my cousin, so we went out to San Bernardino where my cousin lives, to have dinner. My cousin has three or four bird feeders, and it appears that he fills them with hummingbird crack because I have never seen so many of those things in my life. I was told that if I stood really close to the feeder and was very still then the birds would come right up to me. Well I was very excited about this so of course I stood there as still as I possibly could but I was terrified that the birds were going to fly straight into my face and pierce me with their beaks. Everyone swore to me that I would not be “beaked”, so I stood there as long as I could, as still as I could. Even though they all tried to reassure me about the “beaking”, I was terrified. Can you tell?


Please Don’t Think I’m Insensitive. May 23, 2008

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Today Oprah did a show with a family that has lived through one of the most horrific events imaginable.  There was a man and woman who were talking about being in a limo with their two daughters and the woman’s parents on their way home from the woman’s sister’s wedding two years ago.  While they were on the highway, a drunk driver came speeding the wrong way going 70 mph and smashed into the limo.  The limo driver was killed instantly and one of the couple’s daughters was decapitated by the seatbelt.  I will spare you of all of the more explicit details and get to what concerned me about this family.  First let me back up.  I should have prefaced this post by saying that I have never had anything remotely close to this situation happen to me.  I cannot imagine the pain and anger that this family must feel and in no way am I trying to make light of the traumatic experience that they have had to live through.  That being said, during the interview the man and woman talked about how they can no longer find happiness in any part of their lives.  They said that they don’t enjoy holidays at all and actually try to avoid celebrating them because all they can think about is how their daughter is not there to celebrate with them.  They said that they would chose to not go on living anymore themselves if they did not have three other children to take care of.  However, they are miserable everyday and cannot see any reason to be happy in their day to day life.  I found this upsetting because I wonder what this must be like for their children who know that know matter what they do their parents will forever only be thinking about how their oldest daughter should be doing the same thing.  Like I said, I am not trying to say that what happened to them is not a big deal and that they should just get over it.  I want it to be very clear that I am not trying to say that at all.  All I am wondering is, how can a person continue to do on living everyday choosing to not find happiness in something?