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So True. April 30, 2008

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I was checking out one of my favorite blogs, Stuff Christians Like, and I ran across #192.  I’ve been waiting for this one to pop up.  I laughed so hard I cried.


It Really Works, Give It A Go.

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Keith comes up with a lot of interesting info in his study of the internet.  Keith also lies a lot.  Although if you ask him he won’t call it lying, he will call it something like “story telling” or “telling tall tales”.  Just ask Bret the one that Keith told him about my bid for the 1996 Olympic Womens Gymnastics Team.  Well one day he told me that if you hold your key fob (that’s tech speak for the little thingy with the buttons on it to lock and unlock your car door) up to your head you can unlock your door from farther away.  Well of course I thought he was full of it and that he just wanted to see if I would do it, but I did a little research and found out that he was right.  You might feel silly doing it, but it actually works.  I try to pretend that I’m scratching my head or something when I do it so that people don’t look at me funny.



Wild Wedding Weekend. April 29, 2008

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Last weekend Keith and I had the opportunity to attend our friend Jamie‘s wedding in Stockton.  Since I am originally from Northern California we got to hang out with some of my family while we were there also.  As always, whenever we take a trip to my hometown it turns into a non-stop dash to try to get to spend time with everyone we love.

We left for Nor Cal at about 8:30p.m. on Thursday night, that was our first mistake.  We thought that it would be a good idea because then Ellie could sleep the whole way.  Well Keith and I ended up being really tired and Ellie was uncomfortable in her car seat for six hours and kept waking up whimpering.  We finally got to my mom’s house at about 3:00a.m. and tried to crash but Ellie decided it was time to play.  She got shut down on that idea pretty quickly however, she did wake up at 7:00a.m.  and that’s when we started our day.  After we were all fed, bathed and dressed, it was off to the mall to find Keith something to wear to the wedding.  Then we met up with Mike Hutton for lunch and to give him all of Beth‘s photography equipment that we brought up in our car.  Then it was off to Tilden Park in Berkeley so Ellie could run around and work off some energy.  After that we went to my dad’s house and surprised my grandparents, then we all went out to dinner.  After that Keith and I were supposed to meet up with a friend of mine, but I was pretty tired so we called it a night.  Whew!




Saturday morning we got up and had a yummy breakfast that my mom made and then started getting ready for the wedding.  Once we were ready we gave Ellie-bean kisses and left her with my mom while we went off to the wedding.  We expected it to take us 2 hours to get to Stockton from my mom’s house but we ended up making it in only an hour.  That meant we had time to stop at Target and get an Icee as well as a wedding gift which we realized that we had forgotten to get earlier.  Then we were off to the wedding which was very sweet.  After that we went to check into our hotel.  We decided to take advantage of the free babysitting that my mom offered and stay overnight.  Then it was off to the reception where we enjoyed dancing, food and yummy wine.  After that it was off to the after party for the out of towners where we ate more food and drank more yummy wine.  We also got to torment Eric with awful metal mind games.  After that it was off to the after-after party at In-N-Out where Stephen proved to be King of the high-fives.  And some of Jamie and Chris’ out of town guests had their first taste of the yummy burgers.  We finally got back to our room and crashed at about 1:30a.m.  Whew again!  



The next morning I slept until 10:00a.m.!  I can’t remember the last time that happened.  Thank God for overnight babysitters!  We got up, got ready, and met the Hutton’s for some Starbucks, then it was back to my mom’s house for lunch.  After that Keith and I watched Thursday’s episode of Lost that my mom recorded for us then we packed up and took off…at 8:30p.m.  You would think that we would have learned our lesson.  

We got home at 3:30a.m., and I got up for work three hours later…I’m exhausted!

It was a great weekend, but definitely not a relaxing one.

O.K., so maybe parts of it were relaxing.



Momma I’m Coming Home. April 24, 2008

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I love weddings!  I love the food, I love the champagne, I love the dancing, oh, and I also love that two people have found each other and decided they want to spend the rest of their lives together.  But most of all, I like to put on a dress and have a good time.  This weekend we are going up to northern California to attend our friend Jamie‘s wedding.  I am so excited because not only do we get to go to a wedding, but we also get to see my family and my best friend from high school.  It’s going to be a crazy busy weekend, but I can’t wait.



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Why America Why?!?! April 23, 2008

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How on earth could she have been voted off?  I just don’t understand.  What is wrong with our country?  First the economy and gas prices, and now this.  I have no reason to go on watching now.  But I’m sure I will anyway.


Not So Good Day.

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Today was pretty uneventful, and I was kind of concerned that I wasn’t going to have anything to write about.  Then this happened…

No, I’m not talking about how incredibly dirty my car is, that’s another issue, I’m talking about the dent in my bumper.  This happened courtesy of a nice girl and her Toyota Celica in the Ralph’s parking lot.  I swear I really am a good driver, I think I just have bad luck.  I always give Keith a hard time for the way he drives but I’m the one who seems to have the accidents.  On the positive side, the Ralph’s Fresh Faire on 7th Street had some delicious goodies that Ellie and I brought home for dinner.  I highly recommend it.  The Ralph’s not the fender bender.